Overcoming the Dangers of Buying Airsoft Gear Online

News March 27, 2017

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overcomeWe’ve been listening to your feedback since we launched, and one of the biggest problems mentioned when talking about buying or selling Airsoft stuff online is that you don’t really know who you’re dealing with. We’ve tried to address this with our Social login, which links your Prefired account page with your Facebook account; and whilst many of you thought it was a useful feature to help you get a feel for who you’re trading with, some didn’t think we’d gone far enough.

With this in mind we’ve tried to improve the safety of the site still further, and have developed a couple of features to help make Prefired the safest place to sell your Airsoft gear!

User Feedback & Review System

When buying or selling used Airsoft gear through forums and Facebook groups, there isn’t really an easy or reliable way to check out someone’s past trading history.  Yeah ok, you can search Facebook groups to see if there’s anything about them there, or ask around on forums, but it’s a pain and not very likely to yield results either.

It’s a problem we’ve looked to address with our Feedback and review system. You can now leave feedback whether you were buying or selling for any Prefired member, simply go to a members profile page and click the “Leave feedback” button.

User Feedback
An Example user profile showing feedback

With this feature you can build up your own feedback rating to give other users more confidence that you’re a trustworthy person to deal with.

If somebody wants to check you out beforehand, you can simply direct them to your Prefired profile page to view all your great feedback!

User verification

Another concern many of you have expressed is being conned or ripped-off online, with no way to contact the other party if things go wrong. Forum users can simply disappear, never to log in again, and Facebook accounts that seem legit can turn out to be either dummy or people can just block you.

Example of a verified users profile.

In an attempt to smooth out these potential pitfalls we’re introducing user ID verification.

You can find out more and verify your profile here.

Age and VCR Defence Status

In addition to confirming users identities, it has been requested that we verify that they are over 18 and have a defence under the VCR act. With that in mind we will confirm a user’s age during verification, and have added the option to upload proof of Airsoft skirmishing defence at the same time. The user’s defence status and age status will then be displayed in their profiles, and elsewhere on the site to quickly give you an indication of the eligibility of the user you’re trading with.

By verifying your profile, you give buyers reassurance that you are real, your name and address have been recorded, and a preliminary check of your Airsoft defence has been made.

You can find out more and verify your profile here.

Thanks for your Support

As you can see we’re trying to build a site to cater to the needs of the UK Airsoft community. We want to make Airsoft trading as safe and effective as we can make it, but we need your help and support to do it.

All of the changes since launch have been driven by your suggestions and comments so thank you. We’ve built the site as best we can to make selling easy and safe, and now we need your help to spread the word. The more of us that sign up, use it and like the Facebook page the faster it will grow and the quicker we will all sell our gear!

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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