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News, February 6, 2018

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In order to verify that ads are genuine, we are changing the rules regarding the images you upload to your ads.

Introducing Guntags and Ad moderation

Example Item for sale with Guntag in photo

A Guntag is Prefired lingo for a little bit of paper with some writing on it.  Going forward, you will need to display a Guntag card showing your Prefired user name and the current date alongside your item/s when photographing them for your listings  (see above image).  This will apply to all ads, including accessories and parts.

Buyers will be able to see at-a-glance that the item you are selling is really yours to sell, rather than worrying you may have nicked the picture from somewhere on the Internet!

In order to enforce this change,  new ad listings will be subject to moderation before they go live for all users initially, with a new internal user reputation system dynamically managing publication after that.  In essence this is similar to our public user feedback scores, but based on an internal “trust” rating, meaning trusted users can post instantly unhindered by moderation- but new or non-compliant users can’t.

You can download and print a Guntag card from here, or use plain paper (a post-it note is ideal).


  • Place this card at the bottom right of each photo

  • Print your Prefired USERNAME clearly in block capitals (a black marker pen is best)

  • Write the date clearly (should be the date you post your ad)


  • Submit an ad without a Guntag card in it

  • Edit the picture on a computer to put your username over it, your username must be on a physical piece of paper

  • Write your real name on the card, it must be your USERNAME

  • Write your email address on the card

  • Write a username from elsewhere that doesn’t match your account

If your username doesn’t match your account name, or is difficult to read your ad will not be approved- we recommend the use of our downloadable Guntag card for fastest ad approval as it will help you to get the sizing right.  It also acts as a kind of watermark to help prevent theft of your images, as well as proving the picture was taken for your Prefired ad and not “borrowed” from elsewhere.

We ask that you be patient when posting ads over the next week or so, as initially all new ads will need to be moderated until everyone has built up their “trust” rating, this will inevitably cause quite a delay at first.

We appreciate these changes may be frustrating, but it will help keep Prefired a safe place to buy and sell your Airsoft guns and gear.

The new rules go live from today (6th Feb 2018), and only apply to ALL new ads posted to the site from now on.  If you have any questions or concerns please Contact us


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  • MaitlandAirsoft
     :  Would i have to re-upload all the guns i have for sale now on your site when this new rule takes effect? Or will this rule only apply to future posts?
  •  :  What about if bumping previous sale posts or is that still the same answer as above?
  • Taffy
     :  This is a good move by Prefired, it has been long needed, but I can understand things take time to roll out, lets' not remember these guys at PF are offering a FREE service to in order that all airsofters can sell, buy trade their gear, and if people still can't get their mind set over to placing a simple card on their sale posts after all the announcements that PF have already made, in advance of the new rule, then the phrase "walking adverts for sex comes to mind".. Over the last few months the amount of potential scammers that even I have noticed on numerous forums has risen, some are quite easy to spot, owing to their pictures, descriptions etc, others the way they simply steal other photos from other genuine members of forums and place them up for sale as theirs. People go on about, well it's not a big problem...bollocks I say to that, their have been many genuine buyers who have lost serious amounts of money to these scammers, and regrettably a few have little chance in recovering their money, especially when paying by gift by PayPal ( NEVER DO THIS !!) or by Bank transfer. The amount of sites that are allowing the sale of Rif's in the UK has slowly got smaller, I'm not saying that everywhere is always a 100% safe place to trade because of scammers , so I appeal to everyone that wants a legit, and trustworthy base to sell and buy goods. SIMPLY FOLLOW THE RULES.. their not rocket science, all you need is a pen and paper...........and above all, It's FREE !!
  •  :  Don’t you have a site rule about payments as a gift? I joined today to enquiry about an item that’s been advertised for a month. I offered full asking plus postage and the seller wants this as a gift. You must be kidding?!! So this guy is either greedy or a scammer. Other sites make it a rule that advertisers cannot even ask. Why not follow suit for everyone’s protection? In my case the seller has gone very quiet since I pointed out that this would negate my buyer protection to save him £2.50.
    •  :  We advise buyers to walk away from sellers who ask for friends and family payment, we also have it listed as an option to report in the “report listing” button on each ad. It’s not in the site terms officially, as we have no control over sales agreed in private, and obviously have no way of knowing if someone is asking buyers to use it unless it’s reported to us. We will however consider taking action against those who ask for it as usually it’s a sign they are not on the level. It’s important to remember though that PayPal buyer protection will only cover accessory purchases, as PayPal terms specifically exclude weapons from buyer protection.
  •  :  Hi guys, Ive just signed up to this site as im aware it is incredibly difficult to sell in normal ways due to our uk laws regarding the firearms act. However, i just have a quick question, im not looking to buy but i do have 2 toned items to sell. Will i or the buyer still need a defense? Just double checking before i post up my item. Thanks mike
  • Admin
     :  Hi Mike, Two tone Airsoft guns don't require a a defence for either buyer or seller, but you should make sure that the buyer is over 18 before selling to them.

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