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Before contacting us, please check to see if your query is answered in the sections below:


When we do delete an ad it will only be because it breaches the terms of use of the site, or does not contain a Guntag/Username as per the image rules.

Category: Selling

If this happens, it will be because you have recently joined Prefired but haven’t yet clicked on the verification link in the email we sent you when you signed up.  Check your email junk folder, and if the message is in there, move it to your inbox and add us to your safe senders list to ensure you receive future notifications from us.  AFTER you have done this then click the link in the email to verify your email address and your registration will then be complete and you will be able to list items for sale.

Category: Selling

The most likely reason for an ad not being approved is that you have not added your username and date on a card in the pictures you uploaded.    We also do not accept usernames added or overlaid into your pictures by computer editing software.  See our Image Rules for details.

Category: Selling


This will be because although you have signed up to Prefired, you haven’t yet followed the verification link in the verification email we  sent to your registered email address upon sign up.  Check your email account junk mail in case you missed it, and make sure you add us to your email safe senders list or you won’t receive email notifications of any new messages received through Prefired.

Category: Messaging

Click on “Messages” in the top menu, or navigate to

You should now be able to view all the messages in your mailbox.  To make sure you see all messages sent or received, even older ones, select “Show All” from the drop down box.

Category: Messaging
  1.  Go to the ad you’re interested in and look for the seller info
    area- On a desktop PC or tablet this will be to the right hand side
    of the screen. On a mobile keep scrolling down the page until you see
    the seller info section.
  2. Click the “Contact” tab
  3. Fill in your details and message and click/press “Send Inquiry”

That’s it!

Your message will then be sent to the sellers’ Prefired mailbox.

Category: Messaging

General Queries

Firstly, check your junk mail as if may be in there- if not add to your email safe senders list, then contact us to request we re-send the activation email.

Category: General Queries

To leave feedback for another user simply navigate to their profile, You can do this either by clicking on their username displayed on their ad, or by searching for their name here 

On their profile page, there is a ‘Feedback’ button; Clicking this will allow you to view their existing feedback and leave feedback on their account. You can also go to your own profile page to view and reply to feedback that has been left for you. You can see your own profile page by clicking ‘Dashboard’, then clicking on your username underneath ‘Account Information’.

Category: General Queries

No, but UKARA or some other defence is required if you intend to purchase a RIF. You do not need a defence to sell one, however you must ensure that your buyer has a valid defence, otherwise YOU are breaking the law and not the buyer.

Category: General Queries

Yes.  Standard listings will always be free to individual Airsofters.

Category: General Queries

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