Frequently Asked Questions

To leave feedback for another user simply navigate to their profile, You can do this either by clicking on their username displayed on their ad, or by searching for their name here 

On their profile page, there is a ‘Feedback’ button; Clicking this will allow you to view their existing feedback and leave feedback on their account. You can also go to your own profile page to view and reply to feedback that has been left for you. You can see your own profile page by clicking ‘Dashboard’, then clicking on your username underneath ‘Account Information’.

  1.  Go to the ad you’re interested in and look for the seller info
    area- On a desktop PC or tablet this will be to the right hand side
    of the screen. On a mobile keep scrolling down the page until you see
    the seller info section.
  2. Click the “Contact” tab
  3. Fill in your details and message and click/press “Send Inquiry”

That’s it!

Your message will then be sent to the sellers’ Prefired mailbox.

No, but UKARA or some other defence is required if you intend to purchase a RIF. You do not need a defence to sell one, however you must ensure that your buyer has a valid defence, otherwise YOU are breaking the law and not the buyer.

Yes.  Standard listings will always be free to individual Airsofters.