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UK Airsoft Defence Status:

Please note: Defence status is purely advisory. Prefired will take no responsibility for it's accuracy. It remains the seller's responsibility to ensure that they comply with the law when selling Airsoft weapons. You must always check that a buyer holds a valid defence to buy a realistic imitation firearm at the time of sale.

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New Rules for Ad Images

News, Prefired.com 06/02/2018

In order to verify that ads are genuine, we are changing the rules regarding the images you upload to your ads.

Introducing Guntags and Ad moderation

Example Item for sale with Guntag in photo

A Guntag is Prefired lingo for a little bit of paper with some writing on it.  Going forward, you will need to display a Guntag card showing your Prefired user name and the current date alongside your item/s when photographing them for your listings  (see above image).  This will apply to all for sale ads, including accessories and parts.

Buyers will be able to see at-a-glance that the item you are selling is really yours to sell, rather than worrying you may have nicked the picture from somewhere on the Internet!

In order to enforce this change,  new ad listings will be subject to moderation before they go live for all users initially, with a new internal user reputation system dynamically managing publication after that.  In essence this is similar to our public user feedback scores, but based on an internal “trust” rating, meaning trusted users can post instantly unhindered by moderation- but new or non-compliant users can’t.

You can download and print a Guntag card from here, or use plain paper (a post-it note is ideal).


  • Place this card at the bottom right of each photo

  • Print your Prefired USERNAME clearly in block capitals (a black marker pen is best)

  • Write the date clearly (should be the date you post your ad)


  • Submit a sale ad without a Guntag card in it

  • Edit the picture on a computer to put your username over it, your username must be on a physical piece of paper

  • Write your real name on the card, it must be your USERNAME

  • Write your email address on the card

  • Write a username from elsewhere that doesn’t match your account

If your username doesn’t match your account name, or is difficult to read your ad will not be approved- we recommend the use of our downloadable Guntag card for fastest ad approval as it will help you to get the sizing right.  It also acts as a kind of watermark to help prevent theft of your images, as well as proving the picture was taken for your Prefired ad and not “borrowed” from elsewhere.

We ask that you be patient when posting ads over the next week or so, as initially all new ads will need to be moderated until everyone has built up their “trust” rating, this will inevitably cause quite a delay at first.

We appreciate these changes may be frustrating, but it will help keep Prefired a safe place to buy and sell your Airsoft guns and gear.

The new rules go live from today (6th Feb 2018), and only apply to ALL new ads posted to the site from now on.  If you have any questions or concerns please Contact us

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New Prefired Private Message System- Now In Beta!!

News, Prefired.com 24/11/2017

Hi Folks,

We’ve been working on an improvement to the Prefired messaging system which is now ready for its first public test!

Rather than sending your message directly to a sellers email, Prefired will now send it to their very own Prefired messagebox.  A new message notification will then be sent to their email address, or they can simply log in to check their messages whenever they like.

Replies will now go straight back to your Prefired inbox, where you can also see all your sent messages.  Your mailbox can be viewed at www.prefired.com/messages

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Overcoming the Dangers of Buying Airsoft Gear Online

News 27/03/2017

overcomeWe’ve been listening to your feedback since we launched, and one of the biggest problems mentioned when talking about buying or selling Airsoft stuff online is that you don’t really know who you’re dealing with. We’ve tried to address this with our Social login, which links your Prefired account page with your Facebook account; and whilst many of you thought it was a useful feature to help you get a feel for who you’re trading with, some didn’t think we’d gone far enough.

With this in mind we’ve tried to improve the safety of the site still further, and have developed a couple of features to help make Prefired the safest place to sell your Airsoft gear!

User Feedback & Review System

When buying or selling used Airsoft gear through forums and Facebook groups, there isn’t really an easy or reliable way to check out someone’s past trading history.  Yeah ok, you can search Facebook groups to see if there’s anything about them there, or ask around on forums, but it’s a pain and not very likely to yield results either.

It’s a problem we’ve looked to address with our Feedback and review system. You can now leave feedback whether you were buying or selling for any Prefired member, simply go to a members profile page and click the “Leave feedback” button.

User Feedback
An Example user profile showing feedback

With this feature you can build up your own feedback rating to give other users more confidence that you’re a trustworthy person to deal with.

If somebody wants to check you out beforehand, you can simply direct them to your Prefired profile page to view all your great feedback!

User verification

Another concern many of you have expressed is being conned or ripped-off online, with no way to contact the other party if things go wrong. Forum users can simply disappear, never to log in again, and Facebook accounts that seem legit can turn out to be either dummy or people can just block you.

Example of a verified users profile.

In an attempt to smooth out these potential pitfalls we’re introducing user ID verification.

You can find out more and verify your profile here.

Age and VCR Defence Status

In addition to confirming users identities, it has been requested that we verify that they are over 18 and have a defence under the VCR act. With that in mind we will confirm a user’s age during verification, and have added the option to upload proof of Airsoft skirmishing defence at the same time. The user’s defence status and age status will then be displayed in their profiles, and elsewhere on the site to quickly give you an indication of the eligibility of the user you’re trading with.

By verifying your profile, you give buyers reassurance that you are real, your name and address have been recorded, and a preliminary check of your Airsoft defence has been made.

You can find out more and verify your profile here.

Thanks for your Support

As you can see we’re trying to build a site to cater to the needs of the UK Airsoft community. We want to make Airsoft trading as safe and effective as we can make it, but we need your help and support to do it.

All of the changes since launch have been driven by your suggestions and comments so thank you. We’ve built the site as best we can to make selling easy and safe, and now we need your help to spread the word. The more of us that sign up, use it and like the Facebook page the faster it will grow and the quicker we will all sell our gear!

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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How to beat the Airsoft Scammers

Prefired.com 23/03/2017

The Scammers of the Internet seem to have become aware of the Airsoft community lately, with a noticeable increase in reports of people being conned on social media, forums etc. They’ve obviously worked out that the value of  used Airsoft guns is fairly high, and they could stand to make a fair bit of money from us.

It seems that the current method is to sell an item to an unsuspecting buyer, then trick them into using an unprotected  payment method such as a Bank Transfer,  PayPal “Friends and Family”  or a Paypal money “pool” rather than a normal PayPal address.   You should only use these methods if you know someone personally and know you can trust them.

The item often isn’t even theirs to sell, as in many cases the auction text and images are stolen from elsewhere on the net.  Once they have your money the seller obviously never sends the item, and then becomes unresponsive to the buyers queries when it doesn’t arrive.

Frustrating as it may seem, there’s is almost no point whatsoever trying to bring the scammers to justice.  They are most likely using a fake or stolen identity which along with anonymising internet IP services and bogus email addresses will make it difficult, if not impossible to track them down.

So if if the unthinkable actually happens to you and you get scammed when buying used Airsoft stuff online, what should you do?  Well the first step should be to contact us or whichever platform you are using to let them know you’re having a problem-  That way the seller can be prevented from doing it to others.  Then you should do whichever of the following steps applies to you:

For Airsoft Guns:  Claim a Chargeback

The best chance of recovering your money when a gun sale goes wrong is to tell your card issuer what’s happened as soon as possible and ask them to start a chargeback claim.

What’s a Chargeback?

Chargeback is a  scheme which gives you a chance of getting your money back from your bank if you don’t receive the goods you’ve paid for.   This is NOT a legal requirement for the card processors to do this, but a part of Visa, Mastercard and Amex’s internal policies, under which you have 120 days to claim.

A Prefired Chargeback success story

One of our unsuspecting users contacted us about a seller who had disappeared offline after their item never arrived.  With a bit of support from our team he managed to get his money back in full!

I would just like to thank you for your help as without I would have been hopeless, after ringing paypal the only solution was to contact the card issuer and I have just rung them and I have been accepted a chargeback on the payment and will be receiving my money back within 1-10 days! Thanks you once again!

So it does work and it’s that’s why we consider it the first port of call for Airsoft Gun purchases that have gone wrong.

Please note:  The chargeback system only applies to puchases made by credit/debit card, NOT bank transfers, which are unprotected.

For Non Gun sales:  File a dispute claim with PayPal

Whilst it doesn’t hurt to try this, if you paid by “Friends and Family” you’re not very likely to get much help from PayPal, as payments made using this option are not eligible for Buyer Protection.  It’s best to contact them by phone so you can explain the situation to a real person as this can prove to be more effective in getting a positive outcome.

Even if you paid using the “Goods and Services” option you may not fare any better.  We’ve seen conflicting accounts of whether PayPal will cover sales of Airsoft guns via their platform as in their Terms they do not allow:

“ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories”

So to put it simply, if you bought a Replica Imitation Firearm via PayPal you’re probably out of luck, but most other items should be fine.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure

It may be stating the obvious, but it is better to avoid being scammed in the first place.  If you follow these simple rules you shouldn’t go far wrong.

  • Don’t pay for any Airsoft items by PayPal “Friends and Family” or PayPal Pools- no matter what story the seller comes up with.
  • Don’t Pay via a Bank Transfer unless the person is someone you know and trust.
  • Make sure that the seller’s PayPal name and address details match the name they are using to sell the item.
  • Insist on tracked postage, or better yet collect the item yourself.

Check out the seller’s Prefired profile page

  • Do they have any feedback/ a good feedback score?
  • How long have they been a member?
  • Do they have a profile Picture?
  • Are they Verified?
  • Do they have a connected Facebook account?

What are we doing at Prefired to improve security?


This is the new report button – If you see something say something!

We have added a new reporting button at the bottom of each ad listing, this makes it easy for you to report a suspect listing or problem directly from the listing itself.

Prefired already has a user verification and user feedback system in place to help protect you from bad sellers so please use them!  If you buy or sell an item please leave your trading partner feedback and help make things safer for everyone.

While every effort’s been made to ensure this article’s accuracy, it doesn’t constitute legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances. If you act on it, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. We can’t assume responsibility and don’t accept liability for any damage or loss which may arise as a result of your reliance upon it.

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Get your free downloadable target here!

Prefired.com 08/09/2016

targetDownload this free paper target to hone your skills on the range, or run target shooting comps with your Airsoft buddies!  If you’re as lousy a shot as us you need all the help you can get!

Hit the download link below:-

Download free paper target

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Win a MultiCam Fast Helmet- Winner announcement!

Prefired.com 06/09/2016




The winner of our Fast helmet comp is Mr C.Fearn- If this is you we’ll be getting in touch to get your postal address shortly!

Up for grabs is a brand-new replica fast helmet! All you have to do for your chance to win is sign up for a Prefired.com account, then press the button below to enter.

Helmet Features:

  • Lightweight, hard shell design
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Removable and adjustable internal padding
  • Velcro panels on right and left for morale patches, nameplates and IR/Reflective tabs
  • Fits Head circumference 56-61cm (22-24 inch) , please measure your head before entering the competition!

Once you have entered the comp you can increase your chances of winning by completing the extra bonus entries- post an ad and you can claim another 5 entries!  The winner will be drawn next week and will be notified by email- Good Luck!

To keep up to date with this and future competitions, Like us on Facebook  or join our new Fired Up Airsoft group

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August Update and New Features

News 24/08/2016

Embed video in your adsHi everyone, as the site is now two weeks old we thought it’d be a good time to give you a little update.  We’ve had a fair number of ads placed, and a few sales, and we’d like to say a big thank you to all that have posted ads so far.  The more people that get behind the site the easier it will be to sell your items- so share the site and tell your mates!

We’ve been listening to Airsofters feedback about the site, and  have a few big changes in the works based on what you guys have been saying.  We’re not ready to go on those yet so they’ll have to be kept under wraps for now!  Until then though, we have a mini image and media upgrade!

A picture paints…

We have increased the number of images you can add to your ad listings from 3 to 5, and increased the maximum upload size to cater for all these posh smartphones you guys are using!

New video embed feature for ads.

If you have a video of your Airsoft gun in action, or there is a review of the make and model that you’re selling online, you can now include it to give more information to prospective buyers!  This works in all categories so you can post demo videos of you wearing a loadout for sale etc too.

You can see an example ad with a video here.

Don’t worry, if you’ve already created your Ad you can edit and add the YouTube URL to an existing ad listing as well. Just go to “Manage Ads” from the top menu when logged in and edit the Ad.

That’s all for now folks… More is yet to come.

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Welcome to Prefired- The new way to sell used airsoft gear

Prefired.com 10/08/2016

Buy and sell your airsoft guns in the UK

Up until recently, selling airsoft guns in the UK was a simple matter of posting in a group on social media. That is until the site in question put a stop to the sale of anything remotely gun-shaped.

This left a bit of a vacuum, with most Airsofters, us included having nowhere to sell unwanted RIF’s.  This very real problem has prevented many of us buying more new and shiny kit!  We decided to do something about it, and started work on a solution several months ago.  What we came up with became Prefired.com

Here’s a quick rundown of some of our best features:


  • Industry-standard SSL Encryption
  • Hassle free, secure signup and login using your existing Facebook account


  • Easily list your items for sale from desktop or mobile devices
  • Add up to five images
  • Our easy to use listing form makes adding item specific information, such as Make, Weapon type etc simple.
  • List by area to appeal to buyers near you
  • Bump your ad every 48hrs


  • Browse the site by category or…
  • Find what you’re looking for in your local area with our powerful search function
  • Refine search results, by price, make, delivery/collection preferences and more
  • Seller Info box in each ad shows you a map of their general location, any other listings they have, as well as an easy contact form

It’s brand new (so there may be teething trouble!), and it’s a bit empty at the moment, but we hope you’ll give it a try!

If you like Prefired, then please share it with your Airsoft mates, if you don’t, then please tell us.  We have a community forum here on site so please drop by and let us know what we got wrong -or even what we got right!


Next Steps:  Learn how to Sell on Prefired

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