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UK Airsoft Defence Status:

Please note: Defence status is purely advisory. Prefired will take no responsibility for it's accuracy. It remains the seller's responsibility to ensure that they comply with the law when selling Airsoft weapons. You must always check that a buyer holds a valid defence to buy a realistic imitation firearm at the time of sale.

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Upload your Mugshot!

News, Prefired.com 30/11/2017


Due to popular demand we have finally added the ability for you to upload your own profile images in place of the standard Gravatar pictures Prefired has used up until now.  You asked for it, now you’ve got it!  But please… Keep it clean.

To change your profile image go to  prefired.com/edit-profile/

Click on “Choose image”, select and upload the image you want to use the click “Update Profile”.  That’s it.  You’ll now be on show to the world in all your glory!

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