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    In am selling my we l85/parts and other bits.
    The l85 van be made fully working again it just needs a new nozzle and return spring to be fitted. The only modifications I have done to the rif is sanded the bolt carrier and guide rods to increase ease of cycling by reducing friction between working parts, installed washers on the recoil rod to prevent damage from the springs when hitting the bolt carrier and installed a maple leaf 50° bucking.

    The bits I have for sale is as follows:
    5x gas tight gen 2 mags, 2 of which have had new gas followers fitted( another 3 new gas routers included with the sale) the magazines also come with a valve tool and 2 output valves( not sure if they are ok as they were replaced due to leaking). I have just applied grease to the seals on the black magazine as it was leaking it seems to be fixed but it would be good to keep an eye on it. £100 posted.

    Elcan spectre 4x optic( no trades) lens is clear and works well, not really loads to say about it, a couple of scuff but works good. £80 posted

    Spare Bolt carrier that has been partially sanded down, it has dents in the back from impact from the springs( very common with we l85’s) but still slides with ease on the guide rods.does not come with the retaining spring but a hair clip works wounderd or anything that fits in the whole. Does include charging handle( not pictured) can also include 2 perfeclty sized o rings which, like the washers, can help prevent damage to the carrier

    The rifle as it is with no magazines, includes sanded guide rods with washers, sanded bolt and dd rail £150 plus postage

    Spare guide rod set( with recoil spring) £10

    Spare complete lower reciever( without takedown pins) trigger mech is fully functioning
    I do have an npas kit with the adjustment key can sell for £5

    The plan was just to fix it but I don’t see myself using it as it is too heavy for me to take to games as I now have to travel on a bike, it is a back killer since I
    have to travel an hour to get to games.i have a ghk ak which is far lighter and easier to transport anyway.

    This add doesn’t include all the pictures I have or can take so just message me if you want more
    Open to offers/ multi buy discounts

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